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over 1 year ago

Remember previously muted alerts when unmuting all alerts

I'm sure that title is confusing but here is a scenario:

You have hundreds if not thousands of nodes with some of them bound to be muted for various maintenance activities.  For this example we will say 50 nodes are muted.  The patching weekend comes up so you mute all of your nodes, but before you can do that, you must note all 50 of the nodes currently muted individually because when patching is over and you unmute all of your nodes, those 50 nodes are also unmuted, causing unnecessary alerts because you wanted them to stay muted for whatever reason.  I am not sure how exactly to go about creating such a feature, but a start may be something like a persistent mute feature, where when enabled on a node there would be a different way to enable and disable the muting than just Unmute alerts now

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