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PerfStack Data Transforms

I would like to be able to add data-transforms to PerfStack.  For example, if a storage system tells me both Total Free Space and Total Used Space, I want to add a data-transform graph that takes those two and calculates % Free Space.

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  • I'll provide a use case emoticons_happy.png

    If you've got a clustered environment and you're monitoring the same metric on a farm of different nodes, it would be nice to see all those metrics totaled together to provide you with a single line in Perfstack. In my case, and the reason I found this thread, I'm trying to monitor the total number of SIP calls in VNQM across our publisher and 3 subscribers. I get a line for each Call Manager but it would be nice to have a total displayed in Perfstack. This metric is not available in SNMP, and maybe not even AXL. I'm really not sure how VNQM is pulling this data, but I'd put my money on witchcraft.

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