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Node custom properties in dynamic query for applications

At the moment you are unable to dynamically populate groups with applications based on node custom properties, only application custom properties:


It would be good to be able to populate based on the assigned node's custom properties, rather than using other methods (manually changing the dynamic query clause in the database, or duplicating node custom properties on the application).

Rob Kavanagh

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  • A really needed feature request, so far we are still doing this manually for Applications to be added in Groups.

    I believe actually the custom properties should be visible or useful in all Orion Objects not limited to some objects.

  • Bump, because I ran into this today! emoticons_laugh.png

  • This feature request, and all those additional links to other requests, makes sense to me.  Having this functionality would improve the product a lot, and increase its utility to my team and our clients.



    If you have the time, please visit the above links and vote for each of them.

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    Rick Schroeder

  • Heck yes...  Yes, yes, yes.  A trillion times Y E S. 

    Before I rant, let me post some other Feature Requests that are the same, similar, or loosely related to this request. 


    SolarWinds does listen to Feature Requests.  Just middle-click on each of the below links to open them in a new tab and vote them up.

    I just opened up and voted on all of those (and several more) and the whole process took me 30 seconds, so please.  Vote.

    Now, onto my rant:

    There are several oversites in the product like this that, while small, infuriate me probably more than they should.  Don't get me wrong, I love Orion and recognize that as an all-in-one operational monitoring tool it beats its competitors by leaps and bounds, but when I continually run across these types of things that I'm sure would not take much effort for even a small, moderately experienced development team in SolarWinds to fix, I get really really aggravated.  Especially when one new major feature after another comes out while these little things remain.

    One example of a similar issue to your request when you edit Node child elements (Volumes, Interfaces, Application Monitors) in the "Custom Property Editor" web page, you can't Group by, Filter by, or even Search on Node properties (other than Node Name).  What?  Why?  Would this really take that long to add into the page?  There's already a relationship between the Application, Volume, and Interface SWIS Entities and the Nodes Custom Properties Entities in the API.  There are no new UI elements that would be needed.  Just add the Node and Node Custom Properties properties to the already existing Group by list to the left of the table and the already existing Columns drop-down list in the main table on that page.  That's it...  Nothing else is needed for them to do, but if they did that it would make managing these child elements immensely easier for not just medium to large sized companies, but even smaller companies.

    I'd forgotten about the Dynamic Query editor not having the ability to do custom properties as well, but it's really the type of thing as what I am talking about.  A small effort on their end would save a ton of effort for their customers by making their life so much easier when it comes to building groups.  It's honestly one of the reasons I shy away from using groups because building them is so tedious, and this issue is a big part of that.  The inability to add Node Custom Properties to the dynamic queries for Volumes, Interfaces, and Application Monitors is even more infuriating because they do allow you to use system properties to build these queries, but whoever coded this particular page at SolarWinds didn't take the time to just add one more link to the Nodes Custom Properties table when building the objects that populate the available property list. 

    Honestly this is my biggest problem with the new Manage Nodes page and one I really hope they address sooner rather than later.  I would have been perfectly happy with the old Manage Nodes page if they would have just added the ability to Manage Interfaces, Volumes, and Application Monitors in it along with the ability to group/filter/sort/search on Node Properties (both System and Custom Properties).  The new Manage Nodes page is great and all with its powerful sorting and filtering capabilities, but until it can manage child elements of nodes (Interfaces, Volumes, and Applications) and until they put the "Export Custom Property Values" action back into it, I am not gonna be too excited by it. 

    Alright, I'm done.  I've ranted about this before and I've seen others who have done so.  As repetitive as it is for me to keep posting a rant on this subject every time it comes up, I feel it necessary because I really want these types of things fixed so much more than any new feature they could possibly come up with.  The only thing I'd be more excited about is a feature that deposits money directly into my bank account every hour.  That's it. Tons of others feel the same way.  There's a post on Thwack called No New Features, only Old Problems, and this type of thing is definitely an old problem in my eyes.