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over 1 year ago

Multiple Maintenance Windows

Although you can schedule a maintenance window in the future, you can't schedule multiple future maintenance windows.

  • Agreed, but this is pretty ugly and has zero visibility in the Orion platform.  I am still befuddled why the concept of "maintenance windows" is so new to Solarwinds given the maturity of most other features.  This is a daily event for the majority of folks using a monitoring tool.

  • Having the ability to create multiple scheduled maintenance windows based on the value of a node's custom properties would be very helpful. We usually patch DEV, QA, and PROD servers on consecutive weeks. We also have multiple times of day when we patch nodes is load balanced applications. Further, we have multiple locations around the world that need to be patched at the correct time of day in their respective time zones. Adding custom properties for these values to nodes is easy, but the Unmanage Schedule utility seems to only to be able to select based on the value of a single custom property rather than multiple custom properties. When you have a mix of Windows and Linux servers in different locations, different environments, and different patching times, creating one catch-all custom property with many possible values gets rather clumsy. Then having to use a scheduled task on the SAM server for each possible value of the custom property adds more confusion.

    What would be best is to be able to create a recurring mute alert or unmanage schedule (choice of either with a specified duration) on groups and subgroups that could be based on environment, location, OS, and patch time. Each group or subgroup could then have maintenance without the unwanted alerts. A robust scheduling tool within the SAM application should allow multiple ways of scheduling the mute alerts or unmanage. The Unmanage Schedule utility also forces a manual update process for the scheduled task if the node is removed from service. An alternate approach would allow mute alerts/unmanage by querying multiple node custom properties for specific values in much the same way as editing an alert trigger condition can be done. Adding this capability would be a huge improvement to the Orion SAM application.

  • This can be accomplished either using the Win32 Unmanage Schedule utility, or via the Orion SDK using the Windows Scheduled Task Manager.