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over 1 year ago

More granular permissions for all products

Hey all

We've recently went through a exercise of cleaning up the permissions within our SolarWinds install and I've came across some issues.

Firstly, If I remove Administrator Rights the settings tab at the top of the screen vanishes which removes easy access to a lot of pages/features that they still have permission to access (e.g. SAM Settings, SRM Settings, Manage Alerts, Manage Reports etc). Now I know there are other ways to access these and ways to add them to the drop down menus that still exist, but being able to give people access to the settings page while restricting the rights to access things like User Accounts and Credentials would be ideal.

Menu with Administrator rights


Menu without Administrator rights


Secondly, Being able to have more granular control over permissions. For example, If I remove Administrator Rights people are able to assign custom properties but not amend them.

Manage Custom Properties as a user with Administrator Rights


Manage Custom Properties as a user without Administrator Rights


These are just 2 examples I have came across, in the last few days, where more granular permissions would be extremely useful.

If this is already possible then please tell me how emoticons_happy.png