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Include Node's Custom Properties In Query Builder For Application Object (screenshot attached)

Here it is...

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  • @Alex Soul,

    I like this feature request, but I wouldn't limit it to just Node CPs. I feel there should be the ability to use any resource or resource custom property when creating groups or defining Reports, Alerts, Filters, etc..  Let's open it up and allow us to easily define items by any associated data the user feel is appropriate.

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  • I have a solution for this emoticons_happy.png

    mkomeara‌ has liked my comment above and this has popped up in my inbox. I then realised that I have had a solution for this for some time already and if anyone is interested - I will post it here.

    In summary - I have SQL job which runs on SQL database server and updates one of the application custom property with all my custom properties from nodes after concatenating them all into one text string


    Node "CP1" = "123"

    Node "CP2" = "abc"

    Node "CP3" = "bleh-blah"

    App "NodeCPs" = "CP1--123; CP2--abc; CP3--bleh-blah;"

    That's pretty much it. Then, when you need to filter apps based on Node's CPs you just filter by App custom property "NodeCPs", which contains ... whatever you need

  • Just bumping it up... I really, really, really miss this functionality

    it would be cool to be able to populate groups based on combination of any fields from any objects... Maybe even with SQL query. For example: show me all components, where node custom property "Environment" = 'LIVE' and application custom property "IMPACT" = 'HIGH' and component is either warning or critical ... that would do magic for me



  • This is a very good idea, thanks. I can indeed use MUTE field change in application to trigger to rename CAPTION for node and then based on this create filters. I will work on this implementation as time allows

  • Alex if you are looking to do this now.. I think using the Nodes - Caption would be your best option.  Example you could add - mute to the end of the caption or something. I know this is less then ideal but just thinking on how you can solve for this now.  You could have a db trigger or something on the nodes table that when you update "mute" that it updates the caption to add/remove " - mute" or w/e to the caption field.