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In SAM template management, add the option to copy existing components, including all settings.

Title says it all! This would be a real time saver! 

While working INSIDE a template, It would be very handy if we had the ability to clone an existing component which already exists within said template, with the resulting copy retaining all the settings of the parent, allowing us to make the required small amendments required to make this new component unique, WITHOUT having to set everything up again each time!

For example, you've got a number of 'Linux/Unix Script Monitor' components, setup with credentials, arguments, and the script body you need to use more than once. It'd be great to be able to copy the completed component, so you can simply edit the script body and statistic name(s) and you're done, rather than having to copy/paste all the component settings.

Such repetition can quickly become a pain in the proverbial when you have larger templates to build out!

A valuable quality of life improvement, methinks! What sat you, THWACKsters

  • Aye  , I do mean from within the template itself, while you're working with it. 

    I'll see if I can clarify that in the idea, to remove any confusion. Thanks for the feedback man, appreciated!

  • You  may already know this, but you can actually already copy existing component monitors from one template to another template (or even to the same template).  It keeps all the settings and everything. 

    If you did already know that and what you mean is that you'd like to be able to copy the component while working inside of the template edit screen without having to go into the separate "Manage Component Monitors Within Templates" screen, then yes!  I totally agree with you. 

    It is very annoying to have to create your first component inside of a template.  Get it all configured the way you want and then save the template, and then have to go into a whole other screen and find that component you just created (and finding the component can be a huge hassle when you have thousands of them like we do), copy it to the template as many times as you need until you have the total quantity of components you want in that template, and then have to go back into editing the template again to finish configuring everything. 

    You should definitely be able to copy components from within the Edit Template screen.