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over 1 year ago

Expanded reporting API

The web-based Solarwinds report builder is great, and a huge improvement on the old standalone app. However, it would be even better if Solarwinds would expand the API so users could build reports programmatically.

For instance, I have web transactions with 20 or more steps, and if I want to build a report with a resource for each step (e.g. response time and availability for each step), that's a lot of work to do by hand. If I could just write some code to identify the elements I want in my report, I could generate reports for my giant transactions without spending hours dragging and dropping. Likewise, if I have report logic I want to repeat for each of my users (e.g., report the alert history for all devices visible to a user), I could just script that instead of having to clone the report and edit it by hand for each group.

Let us script this stuff. Scripting saves time, and saving time is good.