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Efficiently monitor jboss with advanced parameters

current JMX way to monitor jboss is not efficient and requires new methods to capture jboss metrics. our environment has large jboss environment and we find solarwinds existing way to monitor jboss lacking over manage engine.

Any way to improve jboss monitoring through solarwinds will help us save some dollars in manage engine and pump in solarwinds. emoticons_wink.png

Following are some of the parameters that will help in improving jboss monitoring setup.

Memory Usage [Used (MB), Free(MB), Commited(MB), Maximum(MB), Used(%), Free(%)]

Thread Usage

[Live Thread count, Daemon Thread count, Peak Thread Count, Total Thread Started]

Class Loading

[Class loaded, Class Unloaded, Total Loaded, Object Pending Finalization count]


[Name, Context, Enabled, Runtime Name, Status, Sub-Deployments, Servlets Count]

Web Applications

[Active Sessions, Sessions Created, Expired, Rejected, Duplicated and Session Alive Time]

EJB Statistics

[WebModule,Type,Instances Created, Removed, Instances in Passive State, Ready State, Pooled State, Message Count, Method Ready Count]

Servlet Details

[Invocation Count, Execution Time Total, Execution Time High,Execution Time Low,Execution Time Average]

Persistence Units

[Connections, Transactions, Queries, Second Level Cache]

Connection Pool Usage

[Connections - Available, Active , Created, Destroyed, Maximum used, Timed out, Active Connections(%), Max Connections Used (%)]

Prepared Statement Cache

[Current size, Hit count, Miss count, HitRatio]

Web Metrics

[Request Count, Error Count, Processing time(ms), Maximum time(ms), Bytes Sent, Bytes Received , Request Failed(%)]


[Total Transacations, Commited, Aborted, TimedOut, Nested, Heuristics, Inflight, Applications Rollbacks, Resource Rollbacks, Successful Commits]


[Name, Message Count, In Delivery, Messages Added, Messages Scheduled, Consumer Count, Is Paused, Delivering Percentage]


[Name, Message Count, In Delivery, Messages Added, Durable Message Count, Non- Durable Message Count, Subscriptions, Durable Subscribers Count, Non-Durable Subscribers Count,Current Delivering (%), Durable Message(%), Non-Durable Message(%)]

Custom Attributes and Server Configuration Details

  • devrajs  wrote:

    Hi serena , we need some help to get these jboss parameters reviewed and added. My account manager says that you can help us with this idea.


    Hi Devraj,

    thanks for drawing my attention to this feature request. We're actively improving our templates, and haven't started working on this request as there are many other templates that we're currently tackling. Definitely watching the requests here closely.

  • Hi serena​, we need some help to get these jboss parameters reviewed and added. My account manager says that you can help us with this idea.