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over 1 year ago

Application Template Level Custom Properties

We are using Application Custom properties for a variety of tasks in our Solarwinds environment.

For example, we have a custom property holding the name of the team responsible for the application.

     This team will receive alerts when the application monitor detects issues.

Having created a monitoring template, and applied it to several thousand servers, we then have to set the property on each instance of the application....... on thousands of servers.

I know the custom property editor can speed up this process, but it would be so much better to be able to set some custom properties at template level & have the application instances inherit these values.

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  • Hi Raul

    I appreciate the feedback, but we have only just been through a major consolidation exercise in our environment. Reducing hundreds of alert and action definitions to just a few generic specifications that are far easier to manage.
    We wouldn't want to start adding location or department specific alerts or actions.
    For our current needs, template based custom property values seems the most straightforward solution. I appreciate that the solutions you suggest may help others though.