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over 2 years ago

Allow Hardware and OS to be Polled separately

The Issue:

Dell does not have the ability to pull PERC details via WMI, so we have to monitor the physical servers via SNMP; then we are not able to pull all the Volume Details (Disk Queue Length, Avg. Disk sec/Transfer, and Total Disk IOPS) for the Windows Servers.


Allow the Hardware and OS to be polled separately and different methods.


  • Hi, So this issue still happen on the latest orion 2019.hf3 ? need to plan some other workaround.

  • Only if you have paid for a second poller

  • Have you tried to monitor a server using WMI on one poller and SNMP on another poller

  • Bumping this.  It's crazy that we have to jump through hoops to get basic info from our monitored nodes.

    I've got my HP stuff being monitored via the OS's IP address and WMI (gets all the Windows stuff not exposed via SNMP) and the iLO's IP address via SNMP (gets better hardware health info - e.g. RAID battery status - that, though it exists in WMI, SolarWinds refuses to add to their default pollers).

    Still trying to figure out the best way to handle Dell stuff - will need to either add a second IP address or do custom pollers through the iDRAC interfaces.  Either way, it's a PITA.

  • This would be very helpful.  Is there any word if this will happen?  Either we need to be able to monitor Hard drives with WMI, or we need to be able to monitor with wmi volume details and use snmp to monitor the health of the drive.