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over 2 years ago

Allow Hardware and OS to be Polled separately

The Issue:

Dell does not have the ability to pull PERC details via WMI, so we have to monitor the physical servers via SNMP; then we are not able to pull all the Volume Details (Disk Queue Length, Avg. Disk sec/Transfer, and Total Disk IOPS) for the Windows Servers.


Allow the Hardware and OS to be polled separately and different methods.


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  • This is going to sound silly or basic, but I am an app admin not familiar with the internal workings of my sysadmins equipment, and they are swamped.

    What snmp do I point at and where is it configured?

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  • Powershell 5.1 on the pollers is the first step it got done.  This is not needed for the template but mostly for the ease of adding the PowerShell module.  it was hard up to and including PowerShell 4

    Installing the SNMP walker module is in the link above on both pollers.

    Add the template into the SAM Application section

    I had to change the SNMP community settings by editing the two objects in the template

    Then I attached it to nodes.

    It's just another PowerShell application template that does SNMP walking.