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Ability to Disable Certain AppInsight Components

AppInsight is amazing!  That being said, we would like the ability to disable certain components.  Depending on your organization, there are certain things that you don't care about or certain things that may always be flagging as critical or down.  It would help us out if we were able to disable them rather than always showing as down.



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  • Please consider both a disable monitor feature and a copy of the template option.  That way we can disable servers and/or adjust thresholds and apply to these 100 servers, etc.

  • I find that it is not an enable/disable problem as much as most monitors are TOO SENSITIVE..
    Ergo when we apply a new application and configure it to be monitored ALTERS GO CRAZY giving the impression that the application is faulty.

    If we had the option to activate an alert where we feel it could be an issue then this would sell like hot cakes.

    An example of TOO SENSITIVE is where a database with indexes of less than 100 pages is raising alerts when an index gets to >90%

    This is like saying that the ship is sinking when the hand basin is full. An index of 20,000 pages has poor performance but is never CRITICAL

    We have over 500 Databases and many many tables. I spend too much time "taming" alerts for such non-events on a daily basis. I should not have to.

    I do not want to have to disable alerts on indexes for every database... 

    Please Please let US CHOOSE what we need alerts for.

    This leads me to another gripe I have with AppInsight for SQL/SW..

    As mentioned above we have Lots of AppInsight for SQL instances with lots of databases..

    When I have tamed one AppInsight for SQL instance to my satisfaction I would like to extract a list of settings for that instance. is this possible?

    Can I do a list it for all my AppInsight for SQL in a spreadsheet form?  This would tell me which alerts are set inactive etc.. so far it is a VERY MANUAL PROCESS...

    Thanks for your consideration


  • I am really disappointed, that this is still not a feature. Especially because there is a simple workaround described in this thread. Just give us an option in the GUI to do what muckman​ described in his posts in this thread. Editing databases while they are in use just feels wrong.

    Dear Solarwinds Developers: we are administrators, not endusers. Please give us the ability to actually administrate things. Even if we may break stuff that way. Let that be our problem please.

    I am thinking about deleting every single AppInsight and create new monitors to save ressources in the solarwinds environment and to reduce false monitor down events.

  • Really need this functionality to disable Appinsight components.. BUMP