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over 1 year ago

Ability to add labels / titles to PERFSTACK

First... Perfstack really is game changing - it is absolutely amazing. Thank you. This is your killer feature.

It would be useful to either add a label between certain graphs with custom text, or to be able to group certain graphs with an overall label.

For example:

Again - this tool provides outstanding value!

  • Yes, please! We have two datacenters that are active/active, and two pools of servers in each datacenter for a bunch of our services. We have a graph showing average CPU/memory for each datacenter/pool (so eight graphs) on one page and it is really cramped. It would be nice to have a label above/below/between reports: East Pool 1 CPU, East Pool 1 Memory, West Pool 2 CPU, etc.

  • Another way Chart Annotations could be implemented fairly easily (?) would be to add a Tab and let a description be viewed/edited when a chart is selected while that tab is active:


  • Bump!  Perfstack is getting better and better... it has been two years, and we really need this added... we need this all the time!

    1) Title/Heading - need to be able to give a chart or group of charts a meaningful title

    2) Chart Annotation - need to be able to include a line of text under some charts - for example to note for the viewer how two charts relate, or an explanation of what a metric means and possibly what values to watch for.  In the case of Max CPU% used, we might not care if there are periods of 100% CPU utilization, but we would ask for them to watch for a patterns of spending long periods of time above the 85% utilization mark.

    Pretty please with sugar on top... Case of beer to the first Solarwinds Dev to implement this change!  :-)

  • Really need this. It is not possible to tell the difference between IIS processes once they have been added to a graph. They all show as Microsoft IIS.

  • Would really like to see this added.