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over 1 year ago

64 bit Version of all Solarwinds products

i would like to see a 64 bit version of the solarwinds products, This would allow the product to access and use more addressable memory within

the Servers i install the products on.

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  • That sounds like a memory leak issue. A 64bit Module Engine process would simply have let the process leak further. While I don't think anyone is opposed to the idea of a 64bit version of Orion. In fact the Job Engine is already 64bit as anyone with SAM can see by editing any assigned application, expanding the "Advanced" section, and selecting x64 job processing. This tells the job to use the 64bit Job Engine instead of the 32bit Job Engine. This option exists and defaults to x86 (32bit) because not all jobs can be executed properly in a 64bit processes. E.G. Calling 32bit PowerShell cmdlets is a good example, or opening an ODBC connection that relies on a 32bit ODBC driver.