F5 Service


I need to get the monthly availability of an F5 service.

I have tried to calculate the availability using the weight/response time, averaging and all.

However, the availability seems 100% all year, and all the rows I get are for 8:00 pm

below Is the query I'm using.



n.ResponseTimeHistory.Availability, n.ResponseTimeHistory.DateTime, n.nodeid, n.avgresponsetime, n.caption, dv.wideips.shortname, rt.datetime, rt.availability, rt.weight, n.responsetime

FROM Orion.Nodes n
INNER JOIN orion.f5.device dv on dv.nodeid = n.nodeid
INNER JOIN Orion.responsetime as rt on rt.nodeid = n.nodeid


Month(n.ResponseTimeHistory.DateTime) = 5         //when i skip this, the time is not showing as 8:00 PM only, i'm getting hourly values in this case
AND Year(n.ResponseTimeHistory.DateTime) = 2023
AND dv.wideips.shortname = ('abc')

AND n.nodeid = xxx