Template for monitoring Oracle RMAN

We have a requirement to monitor Oracle RMAN completion, run time length, etc.

Has anyone developed such a beast? 

We may use the Log Parser or use queries, if we develop something.

  • 1. Custom Scripts: You can create custom scripts or programs in languages like PL/SQL, Python, or Shell to interact with the Oracle database and collect RMAN-related metrics. These scripts can run RMAN commands, parse RMAN log files, and record the necessary information in database tables or log files for analysis.

    2. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM): Oracle's Enterprise Manager provides comprehensive database management and monitoring capabilities. It includes built-in support for RMAN monitoring and reporting. OEM can track RMAN backup and recovery jobs, provide alerts, and generate reports on job completion, run times, and other relevant metrics.

    3. Third-Party Monitoring Tools: There are third-party database monitoring tools that offer RMAN monitoring as part of their feature set. These tools can simplify the process of tracking RMAN activities, provide historical data, and offer alerting and reporting capabilities.

    4. Log Parsing: As you mentioned, you can use log parsing tools or scripts to extract RMAN-related information from log files. This approach is effective for tracking job completion, run times, and errors. Tools like Log Parser can be helpful in this regard.

    5. Database Views: Oracle provides various database views and tables that store RMAN job history and metrics. You can create SQL queries to retrieve data from these views and build your monitoring and reporting solution. Marine Accessories

    6. Scheduling and Automation: Use scheduling and automation tools (e.g., cron jobs, Windows Task Scheduler) to regularly run your monitoring scripts or queries and generate reports or alerts.

    When implementing your solution, consider factors such as data retention policies, alerting thresholds, and reporting frequency. You may also want to integrate your RMAN monitoring with your organization's broader monitoring and alerting system.

    It's essential to thoroughly test your monitoring solution in a non-production environment before deploying it to production. Additionally, consider security best practices when handling sensitive database information.