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Access denied using Powershell Monitor running Veeam Snap-In commands.

Hi Thwack

I'm relatively new to SAM so treat me as a newbie. I'm currently using the Veeam 9.5 template from Thwack (

In here is a "Failed Jobs" Powershell command, that after following KB ( to get working with Veeam 11. We are just getting the following message:

Output: ==============================================
Message: ERROR executing "Get-VBRJob": Access is denied
Message: No failed backup or replication jobs found.
Statistic: 0

Veeam PS snap-in is installed and loaded to use on the VBR server on the "Credential for Monitoring" account. I'm using Execution = Remote Host so the commands run on the VBR server not from SolarWinds server and still getting access denied (that account is also full admin on Veeam).

If I run the script locally it works fine, but I'm struggling to even start diagnosing where the issue lies.

Is there any help anyone could give me.

Many thanks