Resources consumption via WMI on target server

I'm using SAM to monitor a Windows Server via WMI. Does anyone know the details of the consumption of resources in terms of CPU, memory, bandwidth and storage of the Target server when it is being polled via WMI? I would really appreciate your help, as I can't seem to find this information. Thank you.

  • The usual stated number is like 1-3% CPU but in real terms it matters a lot what you're actually doing.

    I've seen WMI stuff spike a CPU, but usually it's not for very long and when a box is unhealthy/overworked already and most things could jam it up.

    Memory is nothing significant, I think storage is 0.

    Bear in mind if your sam monitor is querying a single thing in a class, it'll be different from say reading out the entire inventory of a device. etc etc.

    Really these queries are pretty small and pretty normal stuff for a server to handle. At my old job I preferred RPC and thought it had a slight performance improvement, now I leave it to WSMAN and auto settings and dont mind so much.