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How to unmanage an IIS application pool properly

How to unmanage an application pool properly

Taken from an old post that was never answered.... It seems the alert engine is not aware that an application pool is unmanaged, only it's state. So how do we code an exception into our alert so we no longer get alerted for unmanaged app pools?

Trigger Condition:

AppInsight for IIS: Application Pool - Status - is not equal to - Unmanaged

The actual trigger condition:

AppInsight for IIS: Application Pool - State - is equal to - Stopped

  • This can be done, but it must be done in the database. Please backup your database prior to following any of these steps. You will want to find the application ID. Open the Appinsight of IIS monitor in your browser. The path should look like this:


    Next, on the Orion server, use the database manager to query the APM_Components table. Use the following, where 351 is the number of your actual URL:

    SELECT TOP 1000 * FROM [dbo].[APM_Component] where ApplicationID = 351

    At the top, click Enable table editing. Now you can put a check in IsDisabled for the section that you want to disable and hit Enter. When you go back into the monitor and refresh, it should be disabled.

    Brian Kyle

    Loop1 - Professional Services Engineer

  • Hi Brian, 

    Thanks for the suggestion..

    Having to disable with the backend DB is not efficient.  If I did need to disable this, then I would just unmanage the pool.

    Also, having an additional trigger condition to not alert on pools that are 'not running' does not work as well.  I end up getting alerted for all App Pools.