How can I modify the 30/60 days forcast alert

How can I modify the 30/60 days forcast alert for fixed disks only?  I don't need ram, virtual, etc.

  • Make a copy of the original alert and add the last line, like that :

    SELECT VolumesForecastCapacity.Uri, VolumesForecastCapacity.DisplayName 
    FROM Orion.VolumesForecastCapacity AS VolumesForecastCapacity
     LEFT JOIN Orion.Nodes nodes on nodes.NodeID = VolumesForecastCapacity.NodeID
     LEFT JOIN Orion.Settings s ON s.SettingID = 'ForecastMinDays' 
      VolumesForecastCapacity.DaysToCapacityAvg <= 60
      AND VolumesForecastCapacity.MetricName = 'Forecast.Metric.PercentDiskUsed'
      AND DayDiff(VolumesForecastCapacity.MinDateTime, VolumesForecastCapacity.MaxDateTime) >= ISNULL(s.CurrentValue, 7)
      AND nodes.Unmanaged = false
      AND VolumesForecastCapacity.Volume.Type = 'Fixed Disk'

  • Great, I'll try that and let you know.

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