Unable to convert query result for SQL:

I am trying to get the Lazy writes/sec value in SAM using SQL for one of the database and I am getting "unable to convert query result".

below is the SQL Query:

SELECT object_name, counter_name, cntr_value, cntr_type

FROM sys.dm_os_performance_counters

WHERE [object_name] LIKE '%Buffer Manager%' AND [counter_name] = 'Lazy writes/sec'

Any idea on this what I am missing here?

  • If you are using a normal "SQL User Experience Monitor" component, the output has to be one single integer.

    So in your case the [cntr_value] column has to be the first column in the output.

    optionally you can have a second column as output, that is like a "message" output and not something that you alert on or create graphs on but can add as information about what is happening.

  • Thanks for your help, it worked for me.