Hybrid Cloud Observability: Can primary polling engine and web server be installed on separate servers?

I'm going to install a trial for Hybrid Cloud Observability.  I've found older posts that say you cannot separate the primary polling engine from the original web server.  You can add additional web servers.  Is this still the case?  I would like to install the main Orion server/polling engine and Orion web server on 2 different servers if possible.

My original goal for a fresh install was to have 3 servers.

1. Database

2. Main Polling Engine

3. Web Server

  • By default, the web server is installed on the main Orion server.

    Pre-HCO licensing, you could install the Additional Web Server on another server and it would register as a 30 day evaluation and you could purchase an individual web server license.

    With HCO, I think you can deploy a web server as part of the evaluation. However after the evaluation, a separate HCO Enterprise Support license would be required on top of your HCO Essentials or Advanced license in order to gain access to Additional Web Servers.