URL monitored from external node has other status

Hey all,

I am looking for some insight into what could cause a URL that is monitored from and external node to show an other status? The URL never showed a down status, but created an event that stated that it had entered and unknown state. What would cause this, and is the 'other status' and 'unknown status', one in the same?

  • From what I understand 'Unknown' status clearly states your URL monitor is not working from that external node, other status is still fine.

    We do use external nodes as we do not have to monitor this node within SolarWinds, hence you add a device/node as external and using SAM you place your component (template) on top of the external node. But yet again this external node should be accessible from where your SolarWinds is hosted for SolarWinds SAM to run the http/https monitor on this node to check if URL is up/down.

    There is alternative though for URL monitors, just add your own SolarWinds Server as a node and apply these URL templates/component monitors on this, like this your URL monitoring will be more generic and the URL checks will be directly done from your SolarWinds Server rather than using an external node and its easy to maintain as well.

    But if you are being more specific or if you have some kind of a business logic applied in SolarWinds its apt to use the URL monitors the way you describe.

    Hope it helps.

  • i m also facing same issue, all the URLS are showing in unknown state 

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