How to monitor a defined port on a switch without raising alarms?

We have a switch with ports we need to monitor and that have to raise warnings/alarms.

Other ports on the same switch need to be monitored, but we dont want to see warnings/alarms. We just want to see the statistics when needed.

Is that possible?

  • Answer: Select the uplink, go to "Edit Interface" and select "Display interface as unplugged rather than down."

  • Another method would be to use Interface Custom Properties. In our environment we use an Interface Custom Property called ALERT and fill in either Empty, Yes, or No. In the alert logic we use Interface = Down and Custom Property ALERT = Yes for all of our uplinks, router connections. If the field has No or is empty it does nothing. This is how we identify only uplinks and not ports that workstations are connected too. 

    You could also use logic like Interface Name Contains but I have found that unless the company has strict standards that one falls apart quick.