Show Agent status in Summary

I would like to show the information of Manage Agents (http://s038ats01/Orion/AgentManagement/Admin/ManageAgents.aspx) in my Summary and/or NOC view.

Is this possible? I dont find any widget I could use.

  • Hi there, 

    You can do this with a 'Custom Query' widget:  

    1. On the Orion Summary Home page, click the Edit icon in the upper left corner of the page.
    2. Click the Add Widgets button.
    3. Type "Custom Query" in the Search box to find the Custom Query widget and select it.
    4. Click Done adding widgets and then Done editing.
    5. When the new Custom Query widget appears on the page, click the Edit link in the widget.
    6. Edit the title of the new widget, and then add the following query:
      agentstatusmessage as [Message],
      when agentstatus <> 1 then '/Orion/AgentManagement/Images/StatusIcons/Small-Agent-Down.gif' 
      when agentstatus = 1 then '/Orion/AgentManagement/Images/StatusIcons/Small-Agent-Up.gif' 
      end as [_iconfor_Message],
      agentversion as [Version]
      FROM Orion.AgentManagement.Agent

      Or you can download: Agent Status Summary (With Hover-over ability) / Custom Queries / The Orion Platform
    7. To save changes, click Submit.

    This will give you a widget that looks like this:

    Let me know how you get on!

    If this helps answer your question please mark my answer as confirmed to help other users, thank you!

    Marlie Fancourt | SolarWinds Pre-Sales Manager

    Prosperon Networks | SolarWinds Partner since 2006

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