How can I set the time for component status to be updated to "Unreachable" after a node goes down?

Currently in my environment, when a node goes down, component status becomes unreachable(some within 5min, while others take longer more than 15min). Where is this setting and how can I shorten the time?

  • On every SAM application you can set how often that application is polled. Edit that application and see. That should probably be the reason why it differs. 

  • Hello All, Just an update: There is no global setting for this and it's not ideal to modify individual templates to reduce the timeout as well.

    Below is the reply from Solarwinds support: 

    It is not feasible for us to control when the component goes unreachable in the event of Node down.
    First of all, each application monitor have different polling intervals & frequency. By default, they are both set to 300 seconds.

    Once the node is down, the Core dependencies will inform APM via SWIS schemas which in turn updates the application monitor to be unreachable.

    If we shorten the polling frequency & timeout, it will cause a huge overload on the SolarWinds' job engine & collector services and the environment will be unstable. This is plays a big part in large environments.

    Most importantly, APM availability and Core's status are controlled by SWIS schema. Component is said to be unreachable after directed by Core dependencies and a component can be Unreachable only if application is Unreachable and component threaten to be Down or Unknown. This is handled by HandleDependencies method in collector called right after the application status is calculated.

  • Though for testing purpose of 1 or 2 templates, I was able to see the component unreachable faster when I reduced the polling frequency and polling timeout.