API Pollers widget - Can you show the string instead of the numeric value?

Is there a way to have this widget display the string instead of the numeric value?

  • Yes, you can report on the string value. I have had to create reports to do it. I was using swql.

    You will need the value-to-monitor ID. This SWQL query can produce that and gives you the names of stuff to help isolate what you want, and then some.

    SELECT  vtm.ID, 
    ap.Name as APIPoller, 
    FROM Orion.APIPoller.ValueToMonitor vtm
    JOIN Orion.APIPoller.ApiPoller ap on ap.ID = vtm.ApiPollerId

    The next swql snippet can report on the string value. Replace XXX with the vtm.ID you want from above and you should get the string and the displayname of the metric.

    SELECT  str.text, vtm.displayname
    FROM Orion.APIPoller.ValueToMonitor vtm
    JOIN Orion.APIPoller.StringToNumberTransformationRule str ON vtm.id = str.valuetomonitorid
    Where vtm.id = XXX 
    Group by vtm.Metric, str.text, vtm.displayname,str.number
    HAVING vtm.metric = str.number

    This works well in the KPI widgets in the Modern Dashboards. 

  • @marcrobinson this is super interesting, really goes a way to fixing a hole in the use case for API pollers

    Am i right in thinking that you're describing a way to pull pre-defined text out, where you've defined {string} = {number} within an api monitor?

    I've not seen a way to pull non-defined text out (say you're querying a system for it's internal alerts and you want to read out whatever comes back), if that does work within your SWQL could you elaborate on how?

  • Short Answer - Yes you can do this with PRE-defined text. Look at the predefined Microsoft 365 Admin Center API template is one good example. Longer answer - the text that you convert must be pre-defined, so the conversion does a quick text match and the number can be substituted. See image below from the template. You capture the string result from ServiceStatus and convert it. The string can be retrieved via swql for a human readable output later.   Also you need to know the amount of potential pre-defined strings so you can enumerate them. See below again. You do have to do this for each metric - repetitive and worthy of a feature release (Nudge please). Handling the non-defined text seems to be beyond of the current scope of the API poller from what I have seen. Non defined answers, such as the Microsoft incident number and the description of the issue - hmmmm Powershell anyone? I will let ANYONE else please correct me. has had some very detailed and useful posts on the api poller hidden in thwack, perhaps he can comment. Pretty please? 

  • Super helpful, thank you!

    Still very much hoping for a regular text save at some point. I've spoke to  on the topic prior, still hoping!