Azure and/or Office365 API Question

I have been going over a few of the YouTube API videos and also read over a various articles on THWACK about setting up APIs.  Last week I figured out how to create an App in Azure and connect it to Solarwinds in the Cloud area of Orion.  One of the questions I have and I might be missing this in all the documents I have read but what do you create as an endpoint to poll/API to Azure? 

I can go to Manage API pollers and it is asking for a node? What node should I add?  Do I need to create a node for Azure/O365?

A few years back when Solarwinds started doing monitoring for Azure/O365 I had setup a Util box with some PowerShell on it and that would go and reach into O365 and get information.  I tried setting some of the new SAM templates on my Util box and they are not getting any O365 information.  I think this is probably going away since APIs seem to make things easier but I am not sure what I need to do to get this to work. 

I read over this link -

And this link -

If someone could point me in the correct direction that would be great.



  • I'm on the same boat here :)

    I have the exact same question on what node it should be assigned to. In general I think we need to setup a new node for different services. For o365 I think we can simply assign it to node "" or something like that, and use that for all O365 monitoring from service health, outlook, teams etc.

    It's getting messy when it's coming to specific services like SQL instances. If there are only couple of SQL instances then a wholesome approach like "" would work fine I suppose. But I have multiple different SQL instances in multiple different resource groups, each with their own owners and groups. Alert/notification will then need to be going different ways. I'm thinking to create a new node in SW for each of those RGs. The node itself doesn't need to be an actual live server, as long as I have something to attach it to. Each with their own custom properties for group, email, etc. For example maybe I will name it per RGs, like maybe RG1 Database, RG2 Database and so on.

    I'm not sure if this is the best approach, and I still haven't gone into production with this yet, only concept for now. I'm currently researching for various approach and ideas atm, and would love to see what others do.

  • In case of office365 (or any cloud services) assigning API Poller to Node works more as grouping function. I use external node with name like "" or ""

    Note that API Poller impact Node status, what might be useful in many scenarios.

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