Exchange Security Update KB5001779 Breaks Application Monitor

I installed the April 2021 MS Exchange security update KB5001779. Typically, I just go back into Orion and configure the application monitor again to get it to connect back to Exchange. After I do this and it runs the initial poll I get the error below:

PowerShell FullLanguageMode is not configured on Remote Host The syntax is not supported by this runspace. This can occur if the runspace is in no-language mode.

I checked in IIS and Powershell is set to FullLangugeMode.

Has anyone else ran into this or know of a way to fix this?

Thank You

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  • Yes, ofc, I'm talking about this hotfix. Posted in the Customer Portal on April 29th.
    It totally broke our environment.

    After applying a hotfix:
    1) HA APE is not HA anymore - pool is fell apart, both APE's are critical.
    Reason is still unknown after 3-hours on-call session with support, repair/conf.wizard didn't help.

    2) JobEngine on our MPE start flapping
    This issue had been resolved only because I had remember the same issue we had a year ago. The problem was with SNMP credentials library - it broke down. Again. 
    This issue with SNMP cred.library was reported to devs year ago - CASE #00560506.
    Orion developers did nothing to fix this - so we face this issue again. Every 2-3 Solarwinds releases I had to clear all my SNMP creds. Shame on u.

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