How is memory calculated when Solarwinds agent is used for Linux servers

Hi ALl,

How is memory calculated when Solarwinds agent is used for Linux servers? Do we have any command or formula that is run in back end?

We are doing an automation for most of the metrics so the team needs to know the forumla in order to compare and then put in prod...

  • The Linux Agent polls memory statistics from the /proc filesystem (/proc/meminfo) as follows:

    Physical Memory MemTotal MemTotal-MemFree
    Virtual Memory MemTotal+SwapTotal (MemTotal+SwapTotal) - (MemFree+SwapFree)
    Swap Space SwapTotal SwapTotal-SwapFree
    Shared Memory Shmem Shmem
    Cached Memory Cached Cached
  • and another question... if i check Memory in console for 1 server in gauge, it shows different % and different for physical memory... m referring this for agent based only...  when m alerting using percent memory variable which one will it refer?

  • Some tools consider items such as cache to be used memory. This is how NET-SNMP calculates memory used, and this is not typically what most people would consider to be accurate. That is because the Linux operating system will use any/all available memory for disk cache until such time as it is needed for an application. Then that memory is released and made available for use by whichever application is in need of that RAM. 

  • but for alerting how does it work? there is percent memory used option.. so what does this take into account? like i said overall memory is different and physical memory is different...

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