ServiceNow Pull connector - Fetching Alert Severity Logic

Dear Thwack,

We are currently working on Solarwinds integration with ServiceNow using OOB pull connector.

By logic (my understanding), Servicenow connector  pull events

"FROM Orion.Events,

EventID, EventTime, NetworkNode, NetObjectID, EventType, Message, Acknowledged"

And Event Types table,,Severity value of Incident is defined based on Icon Values

'FROM Orion.EventTypes,

 EventType, Name, Icon, NotifyMessage,NotifySubject

But when it comes to custom alerts,, the event type will be mostly 5000, for which serverity cannot be mapped from Event types..

Any pointers available here,

Expected behaviour,

" Alert severity should be pulled by ServiceNow".

As per schema documentation ,Orion.AlertTriggered, shoul have all active alerts, but couldn't see any values on them