How to see in Orion Web Console a button about HW issues on ESX servers ?

Hi, so I have the image attached which shows some issues on disk drive about ESX (Array), it shows correctly as Warning.

I would like to have a button (on a map) that reflects the color about this situation (I've already created a dynamic group with all ESX I manage but unfortunately it doesn't reflects the HW status of the nodes). (please see the attachment for this too)

Any suggestion on how to achieve it will be very appreciated as I'm fighting with this....

Thanks, best regards to everybody.
  • You would need to drop each individual hardware element onto the map (not ideal, right?) OR have the health status for each ESX node rollup from its child components' status. See the following page in Orion documentation for more information:

    It's a fairly quick read, and will give you a better understanding of how it all ties together than what I could probably summarize in a short forum response.  The main reason for this is because you (and your team?) will need to decide whether to stick with the "classic node status" calculation or to move to the "enhanced node status" calculation that was introduced in Orion platform 2019.2. Enhanced is....enhanced  but it also can create a lot of alert noise if you don't fine tune your alert configuration along with it.

    Edit: Ultimately, you'll want to look at your node properties for the ESXi hosts and check the "status rollup mode" setting (see screen shot). Try setting it to mixed for a quick, easy step towards your goal.


  • Hi, first of all thank you very much for your reply, I'll definitively give a look at your suggestions.

    I've succeded about this and here below I'm going to illustrate how I achieved it.

    1) create a group with a Dynamic Query (see the attached files)

    2) create a button on the map linked to that group

    3) I've the correct results in the Group summary page

    Hope this help other users.

    Bye and best regards.