Schedule SAM Application Discoveries?

In the context of Windows servers, we currently discover nodes via Active Directory discovery schedules.

We also have several groups that we use to have certain SAM templates applied to all newly discovered Windows servers, using, for example, a dynamic query of "vendor = Windows".

The question I have is, is there any way to put the "Application Discovery" function on an automated schedule?

One example would be a specific anti-virus/anti-malware software that is certain to be on a portion of servers, but not all servers, such as "Trend Micro Deep Security Agent".
I can manually select the appropriate template from with SAM settings and use the "Application Discovery" to run against all Windows servers, resulting in the template only being applied to nodes where the specified service is found, but that is something an administrator needs to do manually on a routine basis.Am I overlooking a function of SA that would automatically apply the template to all newly discovered servers where the existence of the TrendMicro service was found?

My last resort will be to place some custom SQL in a SQL Agent job that runs on a schedule that updates a Node Custom Property for any node where the Trend Micro Deep Security Agent is found within the [AssetInventory_SoftwareView], then have a template assigned to a group that has a dynamic query looking at that custom property.