VmWare VDI Monitoring

Does anyone know how to get the following stats from VMware Horizon VDI.

For each VDI pod, I request the following:

  1. Maximum concurrent customers per 24 hours
  2. Total users serviced per 24

hours (do not include duplicate sessions; Joe's morning session and

afternoon session counts as one user)

  1. Total users rejected per 24 hours

(do not include duplicate rejections; Joe keeps trying to get into XXX 3

times counts as one rejected user)

  1. Total users involuntarily disconnected

per 24 hours XXX climbs to 2000 users and the compute resources peg and the

system disconnects 100 users to recover operations)

Most likely this needs to come from the Vmware API, but not sure.  Willing to use any Solarwinds Tool to get these stat.

Thank you