Issues with HA environment and the agents

Hi Guys,

I hope you can help me. I have HA environment with 1 main poller and 5 APE. Every of them have his backup. The Pools are working fine.

But when something fails and make failover, for example main poller, it cause some false alerts. I'm looking into the events and accordingly to the events some agents became available after 30 minutes.

For some reason the agents are taking a long time to connect to the poller after a failover. The agents were installed in active mode and I know when a failover occurs the agents try to reach the primary or secondary until some of them answer the request but I don't know why it's taking long time to get synced with Solarwinds.

Some have any idea how to solve this ? or how to troubleshoot the issue or Do you recommend the agent mode to agentless (the agent will wait the connection from the Orion server)?

In theory it happens when I reboot the Orion servers and when failover happens.

Thanks a lot.