What does "Virtual Machine in Warning state" mean?

  I get all these emails saying that a vm is in a warning state.

I click on the link to look at the reason but can't see a reason why it is in a warning state.

Any ideas how to find the reason?


  • Yes, me too.

    It can also be mean that the VM was approaching a certain threshold.

  • When one of these fires, take a look at your Alerts page in Orion, find this alert on the page, and check the "Alert Name" column. That will tell you which alert triggered the message and may give you a clue about what the condition was. 

    You can also look at the Events page in Orion, search/filter for the name of the VM that you got the alert about, and review the events that were generated for that VM. These may provide a clue or specific details about what caused the alert.