Difference between APM_ApplicationStatus vs APM_ApplicationStatus_Details - SolarWinds DB Table?


SolarWinds Database tables, do you know what is different between APM_ApplicationStatus vs APM_ApplicationStatus_Details. Seems like APM_ApplicationStatus stores more data up to 180 days while APM_ApplicationStatus_Details only provides 30 days worth of historical data?

Thank you

  • APM_ApplicationStatus is a SQL view that combines the data from the following tables:


    It is the output of the following SQL query:

    SELECT        [ApplicationID], [TimeStamp], [Availability], [PercentAvailability], 1 AS [RecordCount], 0 AS [Archive]
    FROM            dbo.APM_ApplicationStatus_Detail
    SELECT        [ApplicationID], [TimeStamp], [Availability], [PercentAvailability], [RecordCount], 1 AS [Archive]
    FROM            dbo.APM_ApplicationStatus_Hourly
    SELECT        [ApplicationID], [TimeStamp], [Availability], [PercentAvailability], [RecordCount], 2 AS [Archive]
    FROM            dbo.APM_ApplicationStatus_Daily

    You can view the retention periods of the tables here:


  • Thank you shuth for your time. May I ask:

    1. What is the weight of each polling under APM_ApplicationStatus? Can I assume all entries carry equal weight?
    2. What does PollTime mean?
    3. Polltime.jpg
      Again I appreciate your time.Thank you!
  • 1. It shows all your availability data for your applications.
    The Detailed table shows your raw data (in your screenshot, the status every 5 minutes).
    The Hourly table is older data summarised into an hourly figure, show the average % availability for that hour.
    The Daily table is even older data that has been summarised into a single daily figure, showing the average % availabiltiy for that day.
    The APM_ApplicationStatus view brings all of that into one table.

    So you end up with something like:
    2020-04-26 09:20:18.863 100
    2020-04-26 09:15:18.863 100
    2020-04-26 09:10:18.863 100
    2020-04-26 09:05:18.863 100
    2020-04-13 11:00:00.000 100
    2020-04-13 10:00:00.000 50
    2020-04-13 09:00:00.000 100
    2020-04-13 08:00:00.000 100
    2020-01-26 00:00:00.000 100
    2020-01-25 00:00:00.000 100
    2020-01-24 00:00:00.000 100
    2020-01-23 00:00:00.000 100
    2020-01-22 00:00:00.000 100

    2. I don't know what PollTime means. Best guess would be how long it took to poll in microseconds but that's a complete guess.