No App Mon CPU data in Web View

Has anyone seen this before? 

We installed application monitor and chose some applications on various servers to watch. From the Application Monitor Console, though some applications aren't particularly CPU intensive (we are in a lab), the data appears and shows some small number: Could be zero or 1 or 2%.

In the database, I also see numbers: 0, 1, 2%. Many of the numbers are zero, but there are other low numbers.

The problem is the website shows no values for CPU: Not in the top 10 Application CPUs I added to the NetworkSummaryPage nor on the Application Monitoring Module Page. Under top 10 Applications by CPU... there is nothing (Memory seems to be working great!). When I say "nothing", I mean there is no line written at all. NO servers appear under Top XX Applications by server!

I tried 'getting better numbers' by monitoring Idle Time (which is usually around 99%); the number shows up in the database, but not on the web.

I've also tried on the re-installations and re-runs of the update, etc.

Anything else I can try or look at??