FEATURE REQUEST - Network Atlas Migration Tool

Per the 2020.2 release notes, Network atlas is starting it's decomm process.

I'm sure we're not the only customer that uses network atlas maps, we have several hunders -- if not thousands of components/applications displayed on various maps. We're looking for a migration tool to automatically import these maps into the new Orion Maps


Network Atlas

Network Atlas is deprecated as of this release and will be removed in a future release. SolarWinds recommends that you start using Orion Maps in the Orion Web Console to display maps of physical and logical relationships between entities monitored by the Orion Platform products you have installed.

  • I would hope Network Atlas continues to work until there is a way to do weather maps a different way.

  •  This is a great request - thank you for writing it up.  As  mentioned this is something that I have certainly discussed with a number of customers in the very same position and is certainly something we are researching.  

    As a first step - if you could direct message or email me some example maps & also dashboards (screenshots), I would love to be able to understand what this looks like for your organization. This helps for me to identify a couple things; 1) Validate feature/ functionality that lets you accomplish the same level of detail in Orion Maps as you perhaps created using Atlas. And 2) Understand what would be critical for a migration utility. 

    We want to be sure we continue to add new features and other functionality needed similar to other items mentioned in this thread,  improving the capabilities of Orion Maps in each and every release. Developing a complete 1 to 1 mapping of everything in an Atlas Map and having that make its way into an Orion Maps Project could be a massive amount of work and also take significant time to accomplish. 

    This is very important to us however. If you would prefer to have a call to discuss, I would be happy to set one up.  

  • This has been resolved in case# 00549194 . The issue was with the width/height of the widget not with the sizing of the background image. It confused us both. I have it working beautifully now, I withdraw my previous criticism of the product, it was user error.

  • I'd love to have some sort of image bank or other options to replace some of these standard images.  Atlas seemed to have a lot of nice options built-in and it's kind of a pain to try and find an image that is free and looks aesthetically pleasing.

  •  There are obviously some additional options included oob but, these are for the most part simple, flat, icons. While I am always up for including more, (and would like to - including fancy 3D options and more - i have a dream ), I am curious which ones in particular you liked in Network Atlas. The icons were often a complaint for many users so curious which ones you prefer.

    I do get what you mean by searching and especially limiting any kind of expenditure. Thanks for the feedback and suggestion!

  • I like the icons for our local sites but it was kind of helpful using the building icons when drawing out our larger geographic WAN maps.  We'll survive though, just a different look is all 

    And just for clarity's sake, you're saying there is no migration tool and no plans to have one?  We have an extremely large network we documented via Atlas - somewhere around 75 different locations with their own maps.

  •  - Awesome! yes - totally makes sense. We need some location/ building type icons added in there for sure. Great suggestion!

    For the second question - there is not a migration tool as of 9/1/2020 - This is certainly something we would like to provide to users in a future release.  And this is great feedback to understand why it is important to you, so please continue to share. That is a lot of maps, but some folks on this thread and in other threads have 100's of maps. Truthfully many are actually closer to the 1000 mark than they are to double digits, so this is well understood problem and something we hope to accomplish. Stay tuned. 

  • I checked feature requests and I do not see this one or any for a Network Atlas Migration Tool.  Am I missing something?  Has it already been done?