FEATURE REQUEST - Network Atlas Migration Tool

Per the 2020.2 release notes, Network atlas is starting it's decomm process.

I'm sure we're not the only customer that uses network atlas maps, we have several hunders -- if not thousands of components/applications displayed on various maps. We're looking for a migration tool to automatically import these maps into the new Orion Maps


Network Atlas

Network Atlas is deprecated as of this release and will be removed in a future release. SolarWinds recommends that you start using Orion Maps in the Orion Web Console to display maps of physical and logical relationships between entities monitored by the Orion Platform products you have installed.

  • great idea! 

    however, this may prove hard to automate 

  • Going to tag in as he will want / need to know about this if he hasn't seen it already.

    See Jeff - not just us

  • We use the Network Atlas maps to overlay a weather radar map as the background and plot our locations (as groups) on the map. From the documentation I've seen of Orion Maps, this is can't be done.  This map is on our main Operations page and is very important for Ops and management.

  • I'd even be ok if Network Atlas maps were an entity that could be added to an Orion Map.

  • hey  how are you accomplishing that? i am looking to do something similar.

  • We have this image as a dynamic background: https://s.w-x.co/staticmaps/wu/wu/wxtype1200_cur/conus/current.png

    We then created dynamic groups pulling in nodes from those locations and then plotted them by hand on the Atlas map.  It took a while, but it was the easiest way we could find without modifying the Orion website years ago.

  • Atlas maps should not be decommissioned. While Orion Maps are nice, the software is not up to where it needs to be to take over. I built a Visio closet diagram in high res and uploaded it to Orion maps to drop nodes in and it is just a miserable experience. The support tech on the phone hasn't been able to size things correctly over the course of a week, when it should not be this hard. Orion maps needs a lock feature for the backgrounds as every time I try to click and move something, it moves the entire background off-center. I can't click and move when zoomed in as there is no slider, it just moves the entire background again, misaligning everything I painstakingly aligned. Next, you can't free resize anything making trying to use the scale a guessing game that you will often lose.  Its just not to where it needs to be to decom Atlas. I'll vote for this but you are going to have a bad time in Orion if you expect it to function like Atlas. 

  •  - What version of Orion Maps are you using? The latest 2020.2 Release allows you to place a background image that is not selectable and will not move so some of the items you are mentioning have already been planned for and adjusted. 

    I am not sure I am following the need for support to help size elements... do you have a case number I can review?

    Similar to Visio, you should be able to use Space Bar to pan the map and Cntrl + or - or mouse wheel to zoom in and out as well as the buttons on the canvas.  Sliders have gone away in lieu of the Property Panels which provide much more functionality vs the 2019.4 release. While we are aware of a few other items ideally needed to meet feature parity plus, (I say plus because Orion Maps has a number of enhancements that were never possible in Atlas) the 2020.2 release is extremely close.  

    Please ensure you are reviewing or looking at this most up to date release and confirm what you would need to make the move from Atlas to Orion Maps.  

  •  This is one of those items we are aware of and it unfortunately just didn't make it in the 2020.2 release.  However most customers I speak with would correlate this more closely to the World-Wide Map use case and would prefer to include this with the automatic geo-location rather than a manual map.  Both are items we would like to improve on or include in a future release.  

  •  Thank you sir! Very much appreciated!