User Experience? Maybe?

So we're trying something new with a customer of ours and need some assitance setting up a monitor.  Hopefully this makes some sense

We need to verify a customers call center server is up and running.  To do this, we had an engineer write a script that is triggered by HTTP.  Basically when you go to, it runs a script that verifies everything is up and running and returns "Success" for a webpage.  I need a way to alert if it doesn't come back correctly.  So here's what I've been running into.  I tried a normal http monitor and changed to port 9080 but that doesn't work.  I've tried a few different options but am striking out big time.  Any suggestions on what I would need to test this?  Thanks!


  • Without seeing the page that's being accessed it's a little difficult to understand the implementation. Does the HTTP monitor simply not work when accessing port 9080 or does the content check not work? Is there a post method being used your check or does it rely heavily on java script?

  • Probably the easiest solution would be to have the sysadmin modify the script so that it can be called directly from APM without having to use the HTTP. 

    If you did want to use the web based solution I'd advise using either SEUM, or having the script run as a cron job/scheduled task that writes to an html file somewhere.

    An additional option would be to have the script output (overwrite) to a .log file on the server which an APM file monitor would then parse for "Success".

    By the way, what is the error message you are getting when trying a basic monitor on port 9080?  If it complains about header format you could try using the HTTPS monitor which seems to be a little more robust.

  • Yeah I was trying to figure out how to explain it.

    When you access the URL, it triggers a script.  If the script finishes correctly, it shows "Success" on the page, if it doesn't, you get a "page cannot be displayed". 

    I tried both a port 80 and 8090 HTTP monitor and no luck.  Not sure on the post method or java, pretty sure it just kicks off a bat which dials into the IVR and based on what it gets back it displays success.

  • What technology does the page use? Is it straight HTML, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, Flash, Silverlight?

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the responses.  I did some more digging and it looks like we are going to use SEUM.  Apparently the engineer who set it up and I had different understandings of what was needed but we got that sorted out.  Installed a SEUM demo and it works like a charm.  Thanks again!


  • I'm glad you found a solution. SeUM is a truly a terrific product.