Force Re-Inheritance of Application Monitor Template

Is there a way to force nodes that use an application monitor template to re-inherit the template's settings? For example, I have a large number of applications with custom thresholds set, and I wanted to revert them all to a new threshold that is set in the template. A SWQL query would be ​much​ faster than manually editing every application and clicking the 'inherit from template' button for each stat!

  • This seems like it may work as a starting point for me: the query below shows all component monitors that have custom thresholds set and that have the string "SQL" anywhere in their name. In my case, these are the specific component statistics that I am mostly concerned about removing the template override for.

    SELECT ComponentName, ThresholdCPUCritical, ThresholdCPUWarning, ThresholdPhysicalMemoryCritical, ThresholdPhysicalMemoryWarning, ThresholdVirtualMemoryCritical, ThresholdVirtualMemoryWarning

    FROM Orion.APM.ComponentAlertThresholds

    INNER JOIN Orion.APM.Component ON Component.ComponentID = ComponentAlertThresholds.ComponentID

    WHERE ThresholdCPUCritical IS NOT NULL AND ThresholdCPUCritical <> 90 AND ComponentName LIKE '%SQL%'

    My guess is that removing the value from these fields will remove the override, but have yet to confirm that this works or is safe. emoticons_happy.png

  • I found some stuff, but am going to stop here before I void my and anybody else's warranty. emoticons_happy.png This can just be a feature request unless someone has a supported solution out there!

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