APM Webpage Monitor Issue

We currently have APM monitoring a secure site. The monitor works great, can login without issues, and actually alerts when the site is down.

Unfortuantely, the APM monitor does not send a logout command to the website after it connects. With the timeout currently configured on the website and the APM polling set to 5 minutes, this leaves around 30 active sessions on the website, all of which are created by APM. This is causing some load issues on our webserver and needs to be corrected.

Is there any way to modify the template to include a logout command?

  • The HTTP Form Login monitor doesn't provide the ability to send a logout command.  Your best bet is probably to modify the Http Login sample script: C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Orion\APM\SampleScriptMonitors\WindowsScripts\HttpLogin.vbs

    This script automates IE to do basically the same thing as the built in monitor.  It looks for the username and password fields and fills them out.  You could take that script and add support for sending the logout command at the end.