How to monitor AS400

I am curious if SolarWinds has any methods available for monitoring an AS400.  While I am not a huge fan of the product, I did notice that Manage Engine does support monitoring of an AS400 as can be seen HERE.  It seems like SAM could or should have a template for something like this.

We are talking to a few very large customers that are interested in having us use SolarWinds to monitor their AS400's and I would like to know what options are available or to hear if anybody else has been able to successfully do this with Orion.

Thanks in advance for any responses!

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  • Yeah, been there, did that, have the T-shirt...

    Unfortunately iSeries SNMP traps are very cryptic and don't catch 90% of the things someone would want to monitor.

    I'm actually half-way thinking about writing a java program with SWIS / SDK that can take the MessengerPlus activities and send them down to SolarWinds.