Not able to Poll the CPU through WMI

for few servers which has been added through WMI, not able to see the CPU and Memory details on Node Details page...

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  • When you added the node as a WMI node, did the 'Test' button work? Is SAM displaying other information like Asset Inventory? Is Real-Time Process Explorer, Service Control Manager, etc working fine from the Node Details page? I am trying to ascertain if it's a WMI issue or isolated to CPU data only via WMI.

  • All working fine, while doing lsit resource, able tos ee CPU and memory option along with others. I am alsos electing also but that information is not reflecting in Node detail page...

  • have you selected those resources from 'List resources' and saved the same? Can you scroll down to the 'node details' resource and see what it says for the next poll time?

  • Yes I have selected it Next poll showing the time when it shd be next polled.

  • very strange. Try deleting and re-adding the node.  Try another windows account. If not, the best route is to open a support ticket.

  • Any luck?  I have one server (since we migrated SolarWinds & upgraded to SAM 6.1.1) that fails a couple times a day.  (I have an alert that triggers when the CPU Polling has stopped for > 60 min for the first 10 nodes)

    I'm having a hard time finding where the error generated is being logged.  Maybe aLTeReGo can help.  I found where the APM log files are, but since it's not associated with a specific component, I'm not sure what to search the log files for.

  • It sounds like the node is managed via WMI. Is that correct? What exactly is the failure you're seeing and where are you seeing it? A screenshot would be very helpful. Is it at all possible you're nearing the poller capacity or that this occurs during database maintenance or database backups? Another possibility is that these nodes are being monitored over either a low bandwidth or high latency link. Is that the case?

  • Yes, it's WMI.  I can run the process view from the console & it displays fine.  I have an alert that triggers if the CPU polling data has been missing for > 60 minutes, and this particular backup server is consistently alerting.  Today it failed at 5:31 am (for 253 minutes), 1:48 pm (for 35 minutes), 3:25 pm (still active).  It was monitoring OK before the upgrade, so I was suspecting it was SW software related.  I'll have to get someone else involved to get the details you're asking about.

    11-11-2014 4-03-05 PM.jpg

  • Please do. In fact, I recommend opening a case with support. This is clearly not normal behavior. It's likely the query to the monitored server is timing out, but why is the question. In most cases it's a latency issue that the forthcoming Agent is intended to address. In some cases the server being monitored is so overloaded that it's sluggish to respond to WMI queries in a timely fashion, but the little data you are getting shows no sign of that being the issue. I've seen at least one or two cases where authentication was a problem when using domain credentials for WMI and the domain controller was having issues. You can try changing the credentials used to monitor the node to local admin instead of domain admin credentials, but honestly I don't think that's the issue at all. I suggest looking through the Windows Event Log viewer of both the Orion server, as well as this host you are monitoring to see if there are any obvious events that might explain why Orion is having difficulty polling this node. Beyond that, it's a matter of working with support to dive through the diagnostics to determine the root cause of the issue.