Too much padding in Component Details Resource after SAM 6.3/NPM 12 upgrade

While I mostly like the new "re-skin" of the Web Console after upgrading to SAM 6.3/NPM 12, I've got a fairly troubling issue I've noticed.  I have several custom PowerShell script monitors that grab a bunch of healthcheck data, each from an internal URL, parse it, and output the results to the "Message" field as an HTML table.  I then put a "Component Details" resource on the customized "Application Details" view for the Application Monitor and pick the PowerShell Script Monitor with the HTML table message as the resource to display in this resource.  Prior to the upgrade to NPM 12 it was looking great.  However, now, as you can see in the screenshot below, it is putting a bunch of negative space in the resource causing the table to be cutoff unless I expand the resource to be humongous.  Sometimes I have to expand it to go off screen just to include the full table. 

Anybody know what may have changed in the web console's css or html formatting that would cause this and how can I overcome it?  I imagine aLTeReGo or another SolarWinds employee will need to weigh in on this to be able to provide the answer, as this will obviously require a pretty thorough knowledge of the underlying changes to the GUI with this upgrade.  I'm pretty bummed though because I spent a lot of time creating these HTML tables to work and display properly in the Script Output Message fields and it was working great.  I got a ton of accolades from several departments in our company since I could display the output they were wanting to see in a really nice and concise format and I didn't have to create dozens of individual SAM components to do it.  I can just use one SAM component to output a table full of data.  Best of all it's dynamic in that if they add new items to their HealthCheck the script will automatically report on them and display their status without me having to do a thing.  But now, without being able to view this data in a user friendly way all of that work may have been for nothing.  I'd really like to find a workaround.