Perfstack Widget and Application data

Hi All,

I'm very pumped about recent enhancements which permit adding Perfstack projects to dashboards. This sounds like a GREAT way to get performance data out to my Active Directory and Exchange teams via the Solarwinds console.


It seems the "widget" based perfstack projects only display "standard" performance counters and will not display counters captured by an application.

For example (using SAM with agent polling to monitor Active Directory Domain Controllers):

I create a perfstack project to display CPU data for domain controllers DC1, DC2.  Save as a perfstack project, and then pull this project in as resource to a view.  The perfstack project displays in the console just fine.


If I create an application to pull, say, LDAP Searches Per Second, and then pull that application data for DC1 and DC2 into a perfstack project.  Save, and add that perfstack project as a view resource.

Display the view and nothing shows up.  I get a box that says 'Perfstack Widget' and 'Load Perfstack Project' and I can select the perfstack project with the application data, but then it goes right back to the 'Load Perfstack Project' screen and does not display the perfstack data.

I've tested this enough to feel pretty confident that default (CPU/Mem) data shows up fine in a perfstack project in a view, but data gathered by an application does not.

Can anyone provide insight into what might be happening here?

> Orion platform 2018.2.1 SP1; SAM version 6.6.1

Thanks for your help.