How to monitor .dll for file changes and reset alert after certain period of time?

I have been tasked to find a way to monitor the backend website files for changes and alert on any changes to certain .dll files if they are changed. So far the file change monitor in APM keeps crashing when trying to monitor those type of files for changes as little as 151k files, not sure if it is because of the .dll extension or not but it does not like to do the MD5 check on those and I am not even sure if it can, was thrown this curve ball this morning.

The other issue I have is that once that MD5 check is done to the file it has to be reset manually with the updated file check to reset the alert/monitor so that it is back to normal. I have this setup on a txt file at the moment and leaning on our web dev. to figure out how to make sure a txt file or something else is changed when they update code so that this monitor will even work.

Is there a better way of monitoring this?

I have opened a ticket with Solarwinds support  Case #293715  which they told me nope can't do it at this time will put in a request for this in future release.

I was hoping someone out here would have a solution, thanks in advance.