Add existing component monitor to application template

Good Morning Thwack-Community!

I do have a question about the apllication template.

Let's say I create a new template, add ten component monitors, save the template and assign it to a node. All working fine.

Now, after some, I added new comonent monitors (for example via process explorer). Those new added monitors are not in the initial created template.

So, is there a way to add such items to the current template?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi frama,

    you can select an existing application template in the component monitor wizard. It is the fifth step and second option. Please, see the screenshot below. Petr


  • Hello Slaj!

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    May I ask you to give me one more direct guide. I tried two ways:

    1.) Applications => Manage Applications => Apllication Monitor templates => Select the affected Template => there are some menu options but non which would add existing component monitors.

    2.) Select Application => Click on "Edit application monitor" => If i select the component which is not in the template yet, I do have the following options Add component, multi edit, test, rename, enable, inherit order, disable.


  • When you select "Start Monitoring" on a process or number of processes through the Real-Time Process Explorer you will be taken through a wizard which will allow you to add those components to an existing monitored application or the original template it was based upon. If you select the template then any other nodes that have this template applied will automatically be updated with these additional components.

  • 1.) Applications => Manage Applications => Apllication Monitor templates => Select the affected Template => Edit button (in the toolbar) => Add Component Monitors button => Select monitor => Submit or Save

    2.) Select Application => Click on "Edit application monitor" => click on the link to its template (under application monitor name) => Add Component Monitors button => Select monitor => Submit or Save

  • Good Morning aLTeReGo!

    Thank you for your reply. Yes, this variant is click, this is also what "slaj" showed in his first reply in the screen.

    The question is, if you add a component without selecting a template, how can you apply it for an template afterwards without adding the component again with entering all settings again?

    Example: Apllication monitor, 20 components, only the first component was added with the template. All others were just added without applying them to a template. So now i could just create 19 components again (inclusive all settings) or - and that's what i am looking for - there is a option which allows me to just select and apply them directly to a template.

    I hope the description is now more clear.



  • Hello Slaj!

    Thanks again for another reply.

    Your variants are fully correct, but it would require a new adding of a component and not take an existing component to an existing template, no?

    Maybe my description on aLTeReGo's reply (see above) explains a bit more clearly the situation.

    Anyhow, have a nice day!


  • Hi frama,

    now I see :-) Yes, it is possible: Settings -> SAM settings -> Manage Assigned Component Monitors -> select some existing components -> Copy to Application Monitor Template (in the toolbar).


    Have a nice day. Slaj

  • Hello Slaj!

    Exactly, thats it.

    Thank you for your help and enjoy your day!


  • I'm working on trying to figure out the best way to add a couple of additional component monitors to already assigned templates.  These servers are polling via SNMP. 

    Is the "inherit windows credentials from node" option only for devices you poll via WMI?  When I add the component and set the credentials to "none" and click save the template goes into an unknown state for the application.  If I set it to "inherit windows credentials from node" I receive an error on the new component saying the server isn't polling via WMI or something.  Leaving the additional component credentials set at "none" does not work either. 

    The only way I am thinking this will work is by removing the whole application monitor from these servers, add my new component to the template then scan again on all of them.  Any advice?